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Chicken one day, feathers the next

It’s an old saw for sure but it seems like it’s always relevant. But these days it feels like it should be “chicken one minute, feathers the next. The economic yo yo we are playing with is enough to drive anyone around the bend.

With much of our economy based on investment portfolios, the stock market plays a huge role in the level of confidence people have in their financial security. And with the stock markets careening around like an out of control car on a crowded freeway, a lot of people are pulling in their horns when it comes to spending.

Most of the people who are in a position to invest in high-end woodwork are heavily dependent on the stock markets. When they see a nice steady upward trend or even just some stability, they might feel inclined to go ahead with that remodel or new furniture purchase. But when they wake up one morning to see their investments crashing, only to recover later in the day and then plunge again before bed time, well that’s not going to inspire much of a sense of well being!

And that’s not good for those of us who need to sell our work in order to survive.

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