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Cheap Chinese tools

A.J.'s post about cheap Chinese tools missed one point that I think should be made.

For the most part, all Chinese goods are assumed to be cheap. Not only in terms of cost but in quality as well. And this is a reputation that is not undeserved. But not all Chinese goods are cheap. There are many very expensive products made in China: Apple computers, iPods and iPhones, for example. These are not only very costly items, they are also excellent quality products.

The flood of cheap tools manufactured in China is a common lunchtime conversation subject. And there is no doubt that there are numerous tools on store shelves in America that fall into this category. But a great number of those tools carry American brand names.

All the Chinese are doing is filling a demand. Who created that demand and how it was created seems, to me, to be far more important that who is actually making the stuff.


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