The title of this post seems to be the attitude of most people when it comes to anything involving the spending of money. There is an uncertain quality to how people feel about buying anything, especially if it involves a substantial investment.

Those of us in business are finding it harder to close sales. People want a deal. In this economic climate, it is becoming necessary to offer something more than a good price. People need to feel that they are getting the best deal they can get. This might mean offering extras at no charge or at reduced rates. Or maybe a free delivery or installation.

Resisting this might make the difference between getting the job or sitting there waiting for the next call to come in. Overhead stays the same whether or not we are making money. So, we need to keep our shops working. Cutting into profit to accomplish this might be a necessity.

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Tell the story

I have been asked about my work many times. Not any nuts and bolts stuff that I’m pretty comfortable talking about but things like how I feel about what I do or how I must love my work.


I have tried to avoid discussing anything political here. This is supposed to be about running a shop. But completely separating business and politics is like separating the cart and the horse.