Carbon neutral?


With all of the concern about our changing climate, we are finding ourselves needing to consider our own impact on our environment. Let’s forget, for the moment, the argument about the cause of climate change. The fact is that the climate is changing and it’s doing so at a much greater rate than was previously believed.

There are simply too many toxins being dumped into rivers, oceans, landfills and arguing about whether or not these are causing significant damage to the world in which we live is pointless. One way to the other, we need to do whatever we can to reduce our own personal contribution to this problem. We toss mountains of MDF scraps into the dumpster without concern for where that scrap ends up or how much of the adhesives and binders it contains is going to end up in our soil or water.

We all need to be aware of our own impact and do whatever we can to assist in reducing or eliminating damaging waste. It’s not an easy task but it’s an important one. We have to live here. Mars or the moon are not going to provide refuge.

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