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And then what?

I’m always annoyed by online posts that relate some event, but then never follow up to tell me what eventually happened. Here, then, a few follow-ups.

This blog is all about woodshop life, and as with all life, life goes on. But – with apologies to Paul Harvey – what about the rest of the story? Since you’re all surely on tenterhooks regarding some recent blogs, let me give you a few updates on how everything turned out.

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At the end of May I talked about a mystery object I’d clearly made for some purpose but couldn’t figure out what that was. It was a wooden ring, obviously sized for a specific task but I had no idea what. I stumbled on the answer by accident when rummaged through my glue cabinet. I do some plastic work and use plastic solvent/glue, the kind with an applicator brush in the cap. Those little bottles are incredibly easy to knock over during use, so I made that wooden ring nestle it into to prevent tipping.

My fruitless quest to hire an electrician came up a few times over the last several weeks. I had dealt with two electrical contractors, both of whom gave me the runaround and delayed completion of some shop remodeling dependent on electrical work being done first. I finally found a guy who installed the switches and outlets I needed, and did so quickly. Not only was he reliable, but he also turned out to be a heck of a nice guy with an interest in woodworking.

And finally, going all the way back to January I fixed an issue that had been going on for the better part of a year by catching that mouse that’s been chewing my tool manuals. Actually, I didn’t exactly catch him, my wife did. And, actually, “catching” isn’t quite right, either. The mouse – somewhat desiccated after having shuffled off this mortal coil some time earlier – turned up in one of Sally’s winter boots stored, of course, in my shop.

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What if

When it comes to woodshop accidents, you don’t want close calls. However, a close call is always better than the real thing.

And the purpose was?

I found an interesting relic in my shop yesterday. Nicely made, but I have no idea why I made it.

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And speaking of firsts…

“There’s always a first time” is one of those old sayings that applies to everything, especially woodworking.