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New year, new list

It’s a new year, but no new resolutions. Instead, I’m just digging out last year’s and dusting it off, and when I do I’m gonna …

Install knobs on those shop cabinets I worked so hard on so I can open them a lot more easily than with the tip of a screwdriver.

Finish my dust collection system. Yeah, it’s complete on the side of the shop with the biggest dust producers, but that still leaves all the tools on the other side. They feel left out. And dusty.

Find the mouse that keeps chewing on all my tool manuals. Or, I’ll lock the cat in the shop for a couple days.

Put in a ceiling. Not that there’s really anything wrong with the festively decorative fiberglass insulation dangling down from the joists.

Find that list of things Sally gave me last year of things I need to fix around the house. I know it’s here somewhere. Probably in one of those cabinets I can’t open.

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