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I have to confess that I’m now addicted to battery-powered tools.

The cordless genre has become more and more powerful with 18- or 20-volt tools now dominating the market. With this kind of power and the quick charging cycles they offer, we have moved far beyond the days of the simple drill/driver.

Reciprocating saws, sidewinder circular saws, jig saws, even routers and sanders are now commonplace. And yes, even the cursed jobsite radio can now be powered all day by stuffing one of those big 18-volt batteries into it.

I have been an anti-battery guy for a long time. Batteries are a huge source of environmental pollution and most of the devices that use them are not worth the bother. But these big rechargeable units are simply too good to resist.

I just wish they would not make them look so much like athletic shoes. The other morning I found myself trying to put my new impact tool on my foot.


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