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A sunny forecast

Cabinet demand is projected to rise by approximately 4 percent per year through 2012, according to a recent study by the Freedonia Group Inc., an industry research firm.

The study cites a rebound in new home construction and new design trends that will "lead to greater cabinet use per residence" as the primary cause for the upward trend. While, at this point, it seems somewhat optimistic to forecast such an increase in cabinet demand, we have to be encouraged to be hearing any positive spin at all.

There is also an indication that cabinet demand will be bolstered by renovation of existing homes to use more cabinetry in rooms other than kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, changing trends is design and materials preferences are expected to result in a higher demand for new cabinets in remodeled homes.

All good news for anyone in the business of producing cabinets. If anyone would like to read this report in its 338-page entirety, it can be had for a mere $4,700.


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