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A revelation

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to hire a guy who had literally grown up in the furniture industry. He was from South Carolina and started working in a furniture plant when he was 14. He had moved to our area to take care of an ailing parent.

He was willing to work for a wage I could afford and was knowledgeable in every aspect of shop work. Why didn’t I hire him? Because my two main employees at the time didn’t like the guy. Looking back, I would have been dramatically better off to let the both of them go and hire the other guy. If I had it to do again, that’s exactly what I would do.

We recently hired a person who grew up in a working environment. Intelligent, competent and happy to be working. No hang ups or weird head trips and an understanding that there is a reason it’s called work. How refreshing after an endless string of candidates who had no concept of what it really means to work.

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