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We’ve barely settled in and there’s a threat of another global recession.

Looks like the Chinese aren't selling enough stuff, the Middle East is coming completely unglued and Donald Trump is threatening to turn America into a bigger version of "The Apprentice". And here we are sitting in the middle of all this trying to make a living.

Gloomy? Well, as my grandson would say, "No, not really."

There are a lot of positive forces on the move as people begin to wake up to the reality of what is happening. More and more people are starting to demand "real stuff". Real wood, real food, real clothes made of real fabrics.

This is good for those of us who make real stuff.

I only hope that the positive wave becomes strong enough to counter the increasing pressure to buy mediocre goods at inflated prices. We need to work on educating our potential customers, helping them to understand the difference between the mainstream offerings and what we make.


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