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Denying reality

A commenter to an earlier post wrote, "climate change is a politically motivated idea put out there by the Democrat party in order to gain more control and power over us.”

I would like to suggest that this kind of "thinking" is not thinking at all but rather, a blind denial of reality.

This is exactly what got us into the mess we are in in the first place, a steadfast unwillingness to consider the long-term consequences of our actions. We are not dealing with beliefs here. We are dealing with facts.

Face it. We are thrashing our environment to the point where we are causing serious and possibly irreparable damage. Hide your head in the sand if you will. That's your choice. The great beauty of beliefs is that they carry no burden of proof. You can simply believe them in spite of the fact that all evidence is against you.

I have taken the position that, we, as woodworkers, can do our part to ameliorate these issues by being conscious of how we use materials, which materials we choose and in how we dispose of waste. We cannot fix the problem but we can contribute to the solution. Or we can simply deny that a problem exists in the first place and go on doing business as usual.


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