TigerStop - turn your saw, drill or punch into a lean manufacturing asset.

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Measuring and setting manual stops takes time, requires a lot of skill, and even with the best operator you get miss-cut parts requiring costly rework. TigerStop solves these problems increasing speed and accuracy with a machine that is easy to operate. www.tigerstop.com

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Anderson Stratos

Anderson Stratos Pro Fully Automated Processing Line with Automatic Loading and Offloading manufacturing Commercial Cabinets using Nested Based producing 20 sheets per hour.

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One of the world’s leading providers of advanced manufacturing equipment, we bring you quality machines – backed by our experienced and responsive support team, extensive parts and upgrade capabilities, and nationally accredited education program.

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Castle Inc.

The TSM-12 cuts the 6° Castle Pocket with no tear out in less than 2 seconds. Designed for job-site use, small shops, or the weekend warrior.