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The Supercell: World’s First Universal Dust Collector

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Named after one of the world's most powerful cyclonic storm systems, the new Supercell is the first and only dust collector on the market with high enough levels of both static pressure (WC) and air movement (CFM) to accommodate the widest range of woodworking tools, from handheld sanders, table saws, and miter saws to jointers, planers, and even CNC routers. 

It maintains performance at up to 100 feet of 4” hose or ductwork (Supercell Quick Clamp Ductwork Kit sold separately) and is especially useful for problematic 2" diameter ports where standard collectors don't provide adequate suction and wet/dry vacuums don't move enough air to effectively collect dust and debris. 

Packed with innovative features, the compact Supercell is the perfect dust collection system for shops of all sizes! Wall mount units include a 14, 35, or 55-gallon waste container. New mobile version includes a 14-gallon waste container.

Phone: 800-732-4065