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Precision woodworking has never been easier


The PantoRouter is a precision woodworking joinery machine. Precise, easy to use and repeatable to quickly and accurately create mortise & tenon, dovetail & box joints and simple & compound angle joinery. The uses are limited only by your imagination! Angles and compound angles are fast, easy and accurate, and the patented dust collection system keeps your shop clean and the air healthier to breathe. The pantograph operates on a 2:1 ratio for precision and control over the router. With built-in stops and scales, the PantoRouter makes your cuts perfectly precise and easily repeatable. The PantoRouter can make your next project faster, more accurate, more profitable for professional woodworkers and more fun for everyone who uses this easy-to-use tool. The All-In PantoRouter Package includes the router, carbide bits, clamps and all of the templates for mortise and tenon of over 150 different sizes, plus box joints and dovetails. Visit our website to watch videos and learn more.

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