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Perfect gravity flow spray gun for woodworking

Apply various materials: low-viscosity stains, clear coats, texture, glazes, spray-on glues and thixotropic products.
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The SATAjet 1000 B is perfectly suited for the woodworking industry; it’s the multi-application choice amongst gravity flow spray guns. Due to the wide range of nozzle sizes (0.8 to 5.0) and available accessories, such as pressurized and agitated gravity cups, various materials can be perfectly applied: low-viscosity stains, clear coats, oil base and latex paints, texture finishes and glazes as well as spray-on glues and other thixotropic products.

Even areas of difficult access can be easily coated due to extensions available in various configurations: diagonal, round/flat and angular. The 1000 B is suited for both solvent and water base material.

Some of the benefits of the SATAjet 1000 B are its adjustable spray pattern with fine atomization allowing for a high work speed, it is comfortable in your hand, it also offers excellent durability with long lasting use.

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