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Cabinet Pro’s Panel Optimizer Saves Time and Money

With today’s increased prices of panel material, Cabinet Pro’s Panel Optimizer is designed to save you substantial time and money.

Cabinet Pro’s Panel Optimizer allows you to rotate any part 90 degrees or move parts to wherever you want on the same panel or to another panel.

Cabinet Pro’s Panel Optimizer will automatically save leftover remnants to inventory. These remnants can then be used in the next job so as to make use of virtually all material with very little waste.

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Cabinet Pro’s optimizer also supports grain matching, with either vertical or horizontal grain, where doors and drawers may be grouped together on a panel in the same pattern as they exist on a cabinet.

So, whether you are using a table saw, a panel saw, or a CNC router, Cabinet Pro’s panel optimizer is designed to be customized to your shop’s requirements to not only optimize your material yield, but also decrease your costs while increasing your efficiency.

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