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ZipRail Dual Seal

ZIPWALL introduced its ZipRail Dual Seal accessory to create a dust-tight seal along the floor and ceiling without tape. Based on ZipWall’s patented spring-loaded telescopic pole and Foam Rail crossbar, it resembles an I-beam when assembled.

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The ZipRail Dual Seal is placed on the plastic at the floor and then raised and twist-locked into position. The pole’s internal spring loading pushes the crossbars against the plastic at the floor and the ceiling at the same time. The ZipRail accessory is used with the ZipWall barrier system for the highest level of dust containment, according to the company. Each ZipRail Dual Seal includes a 10’ telescopic spring-loaded pole and two 4’ foam rail crossbars. The product is available in single and triple packs. Suggested contractor pricing is $85.95 for the single pack and $149.95 for the triple pack. For information, visit

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 issue.

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