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Yeti SmartBench takes CNC machining to jobsite

The Yeti SmartBench won a Visionary Award for product innovation at the 2019 AWFS Fair.

The Yeti SmartBench won a Visionary Award for product innovation at the 2019 AWFS Fair.

The Yeti SmartBench from Yeti Tool Southeast is a portable 3D CNC router with a setup time of less than five minutes, making it ideal for precise machining of cabinetry, casework and other projects at the jobsite, according to the company.

The SmartBench, which rides on a collapsible frame, can process 4’ x 8’ panels up to 6” thick in softwood, hardwood, composite materials and certain forms of plastic. Longer panels can be machined using the feed-through mode.

“The concept was to be able to have a portable machine that can be set up to produce a product, then taken down and either moved to a different jobsite or just stored out of the way. That has worked very well, and so far, most of our customers are setting this up as a permanent machine in a warehouse that has plenty of space,” says product manager Eric Schiller.

Featuring a hand-held color touchpad control unit, the SmartBench can receive cutting instructions from Wi-Fi or a USB drive. Recommended software, not included with a purchase, includes Vectric Aspire, VCarve Pro or Autodesk Fusion 360. Other G-code generating CAD/CAM software brands are also compatible.

Schiller says several new shape cutting apps are expected to launch in upcoming months.

The machine is manufactured in the United Kingdom. North American shipments currently feature an 800-watt AMB air-cooled spindle with 110-volt wiring. A 220-volt version with a 1,050-watt, variable-speed spindle is available for an additional $200.

The Yeti SmartBench starts at $5,995.

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