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Woodstock offers handy hybrid table saw

Woodstock International offers the new Shop Fox hybrid table saw, model W1824. The 2-hp, single-phase machine offers the portable weight and size of a high-end contractor saw, along with the full features and dust control of a cabinet saw, according to the company.

The Shop Fox hybrid table saw model W1824.

Quality control manager Bill Crofutt says that with the advent of the lightweight bench-top saws being used on job sites, many woodworkers have realized they need a heavy-duty saw. He describes the hybrid as the perfect choice for when a job-site saw is too small and a cabinet saw is too big.

“Hybrid saws came on to the market a few years ago as an alternative to contractor saws without the cost of a cabinet saw. Hybrids enjoy many of the same features as a cabinet saw, such as the enclosed steel stand and heavier construction. Yet the price is kept lower by using an internal construction quite similar to a contractor saw. Our hybrid saw is a little more heavy duty than a contractor saw, which translates into improved performance,” says Crofutt.

The saw features an extra-large, 25” x 55” extension table to the right of the blade and, with the two cast-iron extension wings, weighs just over 400 lbs.

“The large table is really handy when working with sheet goods. The heavy duty Camlock T-shaped fence will ensure the material will remain locked and parallel to the blade at all times,” says Crofutt. “A quick-change blade guard features anti-kickback pawls that can be positioned away from the workpiece. It also features an interchangeable riving knife for protection for non-through cutting operations that require you to remove the blade.

“The W1824 has been tested by the Canadian Standards Association to meet the UL-987 standards. These standards require the use of a quick-change riving knife having the belief the user is more likely to re-install a guard if it is a fast and simple operation which requires no tools. The riving knife can be used in those instances where the blade guard cannot, such as non-through cutting, and UL believes this provides an increased amount of protection against kickback as well as inadvertent blade contact.”

The saw also features a Poly-V serpentine belt and pulley system instead of a traditional V-belt for a smoother and quieter operation. It sells for $1,196.

Contact: Woodstock International. Tel: 800-840-8420.

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue.

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