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Wood Wizz rolls out new surfacing machine

Wood Wizz Machinery of Australia introduced a flatbed timber surfacing and finishing machine at IWF 2016, distributed by Baker Products of North America.

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Baker sales representative Clyde Reed says the machine is designed to surface and finish slabs, burls, tabletops and recycled timber, and says it is ideal for those wanting a perfect finish without any tear, ridging or burn marks.

“There’s been no machine on the market until now that would take these live-edge slabs and plane them down to where they are basically ready for finish. People have been mainly doing this work by hand and it’s been very, very labor intensive,” Reed says.

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“And for those who try to send the slabs through wide planers — the rollers inside won’t feed them because they have irregular shapes. They are really thick, really wide slabs, and when they dry, they dry unevenly with humps and bumps and high and low areas. This machine refaces and resurfaces both sides of the slabs and when they get done they’re just perfect.”

The machine is available with flatbeds 56” and 72” wide, and 4, 5 and 6 meters long. A 5” cutterhead, powered by a 3-hp variable-speed motor, moves on an overhead gantry to surface the slab. The cutterhead features 10 square cutter inserts. Sanding disks with pads and paper are also included, as well as an edging/joining cutter.

The machine has a base price of $17,000.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue.

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