Wood-Mizer adds two-pass planer/molder

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As part of its growing line of wood processing equipment, Wood-Mizer introduces the MP200 for planing and molding material on two sides in a single pass. It is designed to produce flooring, planed boards, crown molding, cabinet trim, door and window frames, and more, according to the company.

“The MP200 planer molder appeals to customers who want a durable, versatile, and affordable machine that can produce the same professional results as a four-sided planer molder by using a two-pass method,” says Wood-Mizer CEO John Smith.

The MP200 is built on a sheet steel chassis with a cast iron table. It features a 1/2-hp, variable-speed motor, one horizontal top cutter and one vertical side cutter. Both cutters can be fitted with planer or molding knives.

“It offers large capacities of up to 16” wide and 8-7/8” high for one-sided planning, or 11-13/16” wide and 4” high for two-sided planing/molding. Table height is adjusted with a manual hand crank,” the company said in a statement.

“Steel and rubber power feed rollers with a variable feed of 6-40 fpm move the board through the machine to ensure consistent profile form end to end with uneven boards. The adjustable pressure roller applies constant pressure to keep boards firmly aligned during the cutting process. A centralized control panel allows the operator to start and stop the cutter and power feed motors separately.”

The MP200 starts at $6,295.

For more, visit www.woodmizer.com

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