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Wood-Mizer adds SlabMizer

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Wood-Mizer introduces the SlabMizer to meet the growing demand for high-quality finished wood slabs.

“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing our customers with the equipment necessary to process material from forest to final form,” Greg Bacon, Wood-Mizer’s sales director, said in a statement.

“The SlabMizer satisfies the needs of operations producing high-value finished slabs and reduces the manual labor required to finish these wide slabs that are extremely valuable in the woodworking industry.”

Compared to a traditional router or planer, the SlabMizer flattens wider and thicker material up to 56” wide and 8” thick in less time using powered cutter head directional controls with variable feed speed or manual feed, according to the company.

For larger capacity, 5’ modular table extensions can be added to extend the material length and a 72” width option is coming soon.

The SlabMizer also features an orbital head attachment and is built in the U.S.

The SlabMizer starts at $16,995.

For more, visit www.woodmizer.com

This article originally appeared in the October 2019 issue.

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