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Wood-Mizer adds LX25 portable sawmill

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Wood-Mizer has introduced the LX25 portable sawmill designed for woodworkers and hobbyists wanting to saw their own lumber and slabs for furniture, structures, fencing and other projects.

“The affordable, American-made LX25 sawmill gives small woodshops and woodworkers the ability to saw logs into custom slabs and boards without relying on expensive or unavailable material from lumber yards,” says Wood-Mizer’s Chase Warner.

“With a small sawmill, woodworkers can hand-select their wood species, leave the live edge, work with the natural curves, and gain full creative control of their projects from true start to finish.”

The LX25 has the capacity to cut 26” diameter logs into 22” wide boards as long as 12’,5”. There are optional 5’ bed extensions.

The thin-kerf band sawmill blade requires minimal energy and reduces sawdust waste to produce up to 30 percent more lumber from each log compared to a chainsaw mill, according to the company.

The LX25 also includes Kohler gas engine options, an auto-locking sawhead, gravity-fed blade lubrication, and ‘quick-set’ log handling.

The LX25 sells for $2,995.

For more, visit www.woodmizer.com

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