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Williams & Hussey molder slows the pace

Williams & Hussey added the model 154CE molder, featuring a 230-volt, 2-hp motor and a constant feed rate of 11 feet per minute to accommodate various wood species.

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Company president Steve Carter says the molder was developed to offer more choices to customers. Williams & Hussey also carries the model 154 molder and two variable-feed designs, models 206 and 209.

“The original constant speed motor, model 154, runs at 15 feet per minute. We slowed the 154CE down to 11 feet per minute, primarily to accommodate different species of wood,” says Carter.

“A lot of customers are interested in variable-feed machines, but in terms of the price bracket they just can’t justify it. The 15 fpm machine [154] is good for planning, but after lots of testing we found that the 11 fpm machine [154CE] was more accommodating and produced better finishes on harder woods.”

The 154CE also features a new chip extractor, the company’s GS-2 guide system, and a compact stand with motor position lock.

The model sells for $2,095 with a seven-year warranty. An optional mobile base is available.

Contact: Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Tel: 800-258-1380.

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue.

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