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Williams & Hussey makes molder changes

Williams & Hussey has added a chip extractor, guide system and new machine base to its model 209, 206 and 154 molders. The new features are the direct result of customer feedback, according to company president Steve Carter.

The Williams & Hussey model 209 molder.

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Carter explains that while all three machines do straight, radius and elliptical molding, the difference between the 209, 206 and the 154 is their versatility. The 1-1/2-hp 209 and the 2-hp 206 both offer variable feed rates. The 154 offers a constant feed rate of 15 feet per minute.

The 209 also offers the convenience of running off 115-volt power. "The 115-volt machine offering is important because of the customer base that we have," says Carter. "We work primarily with professional cabinetmakers, millwork shop owners, contractors and builders. People that take the machine on a job site, such as contractors and builders who do the molding on site, expressed a lot of interest in the 115-voltage option.

"We are also offering a more efficient, lighter-weight knife motor on the 209 that can produce the same finish on large casings and crown molding profiles as well as the 206."

The new chip extractor chute improves the flow of chip waste and fully covers the knife area, minimizing dust escape. It is made out of linear low-density polyethylene, described as a lightweight and durable material, according to Carter.

The new guide system, made from a high-density polyethylene, is more durable, reduces friction, provides for a greater work surface and fastens to the machine bed.

Carter describes the new steel machine base as lighter, higher, more durable and more compact than what was previously offered by the company. A motor tensioner for reduced vibration and belt-drive enclosure has also been added to all three models.

Model 154 sells for $1,995; model 206 for $2,795; and model 209 for $2,495. All Williams & Hussey molders carry a seven-year warranty.

Contact: Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Inc., 70 Powers St., Milford, NH 03055. Tel: 800-258-1380.

This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue.

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