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W. Moore Profiles debuts new tool line

W. Moore Profiles, manufacturer of cutter heads and inserts, recently launched the MultiTasker line of tooling designed for creating joints and other applications for small- to medium-sized production cabinet shops.

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The tooling serves dual production purposes. For small production runs, the tooling can be fitted with precision ground HSS knives for a low cost to complete a woodworking project. For larger runs, the tooling can be fitted with carbide inserts for longer tool life and steel backer support, according to the company.

“The advantage of this type of tooling is that the heads are fixed diameters and you don’t have any change in the profile when you sharpen them like you do with other types of tooling,” W. Moore Profiles co-owner Steve Schermerhorn says.

Customers can specify the type of knife they will be using when they order the head. The company also supplies gibs to accommodate solid carbide inserts and backer plates.

The heads are available in two- and three-knife versions and range in length from 30 to 80mm. Prices range from $405 for a two-knife, 30mm head to $625 for a three-knife 80mm head.

For information, call 800-396-9091 or visit

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue.

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