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Vitap adds another glue option to Eclipse

Vitap configured its Eclipse contour edgebander to apply PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue. A new model has a dual-glue system for use with conventional EVA (ethylene vinyl) or PUR glues with minimal changeover time.

“It can be switched from conventional glue to PUR glue by inserting a cartridge system. The PUR glue mixes with the regular glue initially, and as the glue is being used then you go into straight PUR glue,” says Riccardo Azzoni, president of Atlantic Machinery, Vitap’s exclusive distributor in North America.

The semi-automatic Eclipse has an onboard trimming unit and can process large or small panels without extra setup. It can also apply edging to straight or shaped parts.

The biggest benefit of using PUR glue is its resistance to heat and humidity changes, according to Azzoni.

“With conventional glue, there can be delamination issues,” he says. “Shipping cross country, especially in the summertime, can cause [conventional] glue to melt or lose some of its bonding properties. PUR glue is much more resistant to temperature changes.”

The Eclipse, set up to run conventional glue only, sells for about $45,000. The PUR option bumps the price to about $55,000.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue.

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