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Vision engraving and routing systems

VISION ENGRAVING & ROUTING SYSTEMS offers a new large-format CNC router with work areas starting at 4' x 8'.

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Featuring an aluminum T-slot table, Vision Series 3 Controller and Vision Pro 8 software with an ethernet interface, these machines can handle a wide variety of milling, drilling, contouring, routing and engraving projects, according to the company. Customers can choose to add Vision's new Digitally Aligned Cutting System camera, an alignment tool that provides print-to-cut registration for graphics. Additional options include a vacuum table, automatic tool changer, engraving head and automatic Raster Braille inserter. Contact: Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, 17621 North Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85023-2137. Tel: 888-637-1737.

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