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Vision Engraving adds new CNC 25 series

Larger table sizes allow users to cut 2x4 sheets of wood, particleboard, acrylic, aluminum and plastics

The new 2525 and 2550 CNC routers and engravers from Vision Engraving Systems.

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Vision Engraving Systems of Phoenix has released its new 2525 and 2550 CNC routers and engravers, offering 25" x 25" and 25" x 50" work surface areas. These larger table sizes allow users to cut sheets of wood, particleboard, acrylic, aluminum, plastics, and other materials in sizes up to 2x4.

The machines also include an automatic surface-setting block and offer 7" of clearance with a higher gantry. Customers can add Vision's new DACS (Digitally Aligned Cutting System) camera, an alignment tool that provides perfect print-to-cut registration.

"The DACS is an entire system, a camera that connects with the table and the software," says Natalie Whitehouse, company spokeswoman. "What it allows you to do is bring registration points in place. [It has been] used primarily in the sign industry for people who are doing cutouts of graphics or other shapes and want to make sure that they have perfect print to cut registration. The camera finds the points on the material, sends the information back to the software and then the [router] cuts exactly on those points, cutting the graphic exactly."

DACS is used with VisionPro 8 software, the company's newest version of proprietary software. It is primarily designed for people who are doing engraving and routing, whether it is signs, woodworking, or types of manufacturing in the industrial industry.

"The primary reason we decided to build these machines - we used to build our machines 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" - is we've had a lot of customers who say they would like to have a larger table and the ability to cut out 2x4 sheets of material," Whitehouse says. "Certainly it has been very popular with people in the sign industry, but we expect, because this is a heavy duty router, people who have the space in their shop will prefer to have this size.

"We're fairly new to promoting our machines to the woodworking market. Our company started out 28 years ago ... and primarily in the beginning, the original market for these machines were for awards and trophies, professional engravers and those kinds of industries. As the company has grown, we have expanded."

The 25" x 25" model runs about $18,000, and the 25" x 50" is around $19,500.

Contact: Vision Engraving & Routing Systems, 17621 N. Black Canyon Hwy., Phoenix, AZ 85023. Tel: 888-637-1737.

This article originally appeared in the August 2009 issue.

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