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Virutex presents new panel joining system

Virutex offers a new panel joining system that uses fixed plastic connectors rather than biscuits.

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“This is for people who make knock-down furniture and it’s also for cabinetmakers,” Virutex president Alex Akavan says. “When you make cabinets, the boxes are big and you have to put them on top of each other to ship. Here you don’t use glue like you do with a biscuit joiner. So you can assemble and disassemble items to save on freight and eliminate damage during shipping.”

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Akavan adds the system is cleaner and quicker than biscuit joinery because there’s no glue involved.

The system can be integrated with CNC production. Virutex also sells a hand-held router, model AB181, specifically designed with index points for installing coordinating connectors on each panel.

The connectors, sold in boxes of 100 or 1,000, cost about $0.78 per set. The AB181 router sells for $680.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue.

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