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Virutex offers combo miter/table saw

From the “What Will They Think Of Next?” department, Virutex offers the TM33 combination miter saw and table saw.

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That’s right, it’s a miter saw that can be turned upside down to become a table saw. The idea is to save a trip to the truck as the job site is set up.

Aimed specifically at the finish carpenter and floor installer, the combo cutter has been in production for more than a decade but is new to the North American market, Virutex president Alex Akavan says.

The tool runs on 110 volts, has a 2-1/2-hp motor, and uses a 12” blade as a miter or table saw.

It’s your basic miter saw — albeit with a small table and fence attached to the top — available with an optional laser guide. The engineers got clever in table saw mode as the table is raised or lowered to get the appropriate blade height.

The saw comes with a removable rip fence and a second fence for angle cuts. It also gas a soft start feature and blade brake.

The saw weighs about 46 lbs. and sells for $950.

Contact: Virutex. Tel: 800-868-9663.

This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue.

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