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Vaughn & Bushnell

VAUGHAN & BUSHNELL has introduced four specialty tools for jobs ranging from small DIY projects to heavy demolition. The U.S.-manufactured tools include the Hooker, which is a version of a Shepherd’s Crook rocker head that has a reversed hook; a 12" version of Vaughan’s Superbar called the Stubby; the Bantom Bar for paint scraping and prying molding; and two Rockerhead Wrecking Bars, which are designed for increased leverage, have two angles for varying torque, and are available in four sizes. The Hooker retails for less than $15; the Superbar and Stubby retail for less than $10; and the Wrecking Bars sell for about $30 each. Contact: Vaughan Manufacturing Co., P.O. Box 390, Hebron, IL 60034. Tel: 800-435-6000.

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