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Valspar reformulates Zenith coatings line

Valspar introduced Zenith waterborne wood coatings in 2008, which means finishers have had a decent amount time to work with the products and provide valuable feedback. As a result the coatings have been reformulated for improved appearance, durability and application, according to the company.

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“For the past eight years, woodworkers have been successfully using Zenith water-based coatings and during that process they’ve given Valspar feedback about what works and what needs to be improved. In appearance, feel, clarity, flow and durability, new Zenith is the waterborne coating that is closest to solvent-based performance,” Valspar director of distribution training Alan Toney says.

The Zenith brand includes wiping and spray stains, glazes, lacquers, conversion varnishes and UV coatings. They now feature improved mar- and scratch resistance, won’t yellow and will usually dry in less than 30 minutes, according to Valspar.

“With Zenith, you can easily create any furniture-quality finish. And results are extra tough due to our specially formulated polymers. In fact, we believe that many woodworkers and their customers will be unable to distinguish a difference between new Zenith waterborne coatings and solvent-based finishes,” Toney adds.

There is another significant change underway. On June 1, Axalta Coating Systems completed its acquisition of the Valpar Corporation’s North American industrial wood coatings business, which includes the Zenith brand. Valspar divested the business in connection with the antitrust approval of its acquisition by the Sherwin-Williams Co.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2017 issue.

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