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Updated PantoRouter offers new templates


The PantoRouter joinery machine has been updated with an array of new features since its first launch in 2015, giving end-users even more precision and flexibility in making mortise and tenons, box joints and dovetails, according to the manufacturer.

The PantoRouter is a template-guided, horizontally held router jig that uses a pantograph mechanism to guide the router’s movement, keeping the operator’s hands well away from the tooling. It is ideal for shops of all sizes, including high production commercial shops for tenons on long pieces, small specialty runs and rapid prototyping, according to WoodCraft Solutions LLC, manufacturer and distributor of PantoRouter in North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Mac Sheldon, president of WoodCraft Solutions, says the new design has many new templates to accommodate the tool’s micro-adjustable system. “We are in the national and international patent process for our tapered templates and have 18 points accepted so far. Our new series of templates allows the operator to make 1” to 3” wide by 1/4” to 1” thick mortise and tenons,” he says.

A new variably spaced or fixed space dovetail template system allows operators to quickly space an array of cuts by dropping a pin in any center hole.

“A really cool feature of both the variably spaced dovetail and the variably spaced/fixed base box joint templates is that if you wanted to build a box and glue the top and bottom in, you have all six sides done, then take it to the table saw and cut the lid off,” says Sheldon.

“You can do that by spacing either dovetail or box joint templates to allow for the thickness of the saw kerf. That way, when it’s put back together, it’s all exactly the same even spacing as your box joints or your dovetails, so its seamless when put back together.”

A new depth gauge allows for the actual workpiece to determine the depth of cut so there’s no need to measure. A new template holder has a center scribe line and centering hole making it easier to center on a workpiece. A new centering scale fence allows for measurement in either standard or metric sizes. The new model also has a cast aluminum base, side supports and pantograph mechanism for enhanced durability.

Standard features include a dust collection hood with spindle lock button accessible for single-wrench bit changes.

The updated model sells for $1,849 with a router motor, carbide bits, clamps and complete set of templates.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue.

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