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Total Saw produces a thinner saw blade

Total Saw Solutions has introduced a new 10" table saw blade to the woodworking market, the Micro-Kerf 40, which is the first of the Micro-Kerf generation series. This versatile blade has an extremely thin kerf (1/16") that allows woodworkers to make precision glue line cuts with a fine finish in hardwoods and softwoods. Made of high-quality steel with carbide tips, it's also strong enough to handle ripping and crosscutting applications, according to the company.

Don (left) and Ron Angelo, co-owners of Total Saw Solutions, with the company's new Micro-Kerf 40, a 10" table saw blade.

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"This is a saw blade that covers the whole line of woods. It can also cut very thin strips, even through knots, without the blade wandering out of its cut. It is capable of cutting 2-1/2" deep, but we strongly recommend not more than 2" to keep the blade cooler," says Don Angelo, president of Total Saw Solutions.

The Micro-Kerf 40 saw blade was initially developed for the industrial wood cutting market in the early '90s by Don and his twin brother, Ron Angelo. Back then, it was primarily used for various ripping applications, where precision cutting was important. After requests from many professional woodworkers that wanted the company to tailor a blade to their market, the Angelo brothers set out to design a blade that was distinguished from the rest.

"Because of the price of wood these days, there's been more of a desire for thinner saw blades. We're making ours with a 1/16" kerf, about the width of a dime, which is the thinnest table saw blade on the market," he says, adding that 1/8" thin-kerf blades are more common.

The blade also has a built-in dampening system to reduce vibrations, making cuts quieter and more precise and causing the saw blade to remain sharp longer. This dampening system also acts as a heat sink. It draws the heat from the outer diameter of the saw blade and keeps the blade straight.

The blade can be sharpened between 10 and 15 times, depending on how dull it is. Don says that because the blade is so thin, his company should sharpen it to eliminate the risk of it being ruined. The company offers blade resharpening with hammering for $20.

The blade is manufactured in the U.S. It sells for $175 with a 90-day guarantee.

Contact: Total Saw Solutions, W4481 S. Cherry Rd., Phillips, WI 54555. Tel: 800-773-3133.

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue.

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