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Tormek introduces compact T-3 sharpener

Tormek has introduced a compact version of its water-cooled sharpening system. The T-3 has a smaller motor than its big brother, the T-7, and is intended for sharpening plane irons, carving tools and knives, for example.

The main advantage of either Tormek motorized sharpener is the water-lubricated grindstone. “The water-cooled stone ensures that it’s impossible to overheat the thin cutting edge,” says Geoff Brown, the company’s marketing manager.

The T-3 is supplied with an 8" x 1-5/8" 220-grit grindstone, which runs at 120 rpm. Safety is assured as the slow speed allows users to fully control the sharpening, according to Brown. Also, no sparks are produced, and the grinding dust is deposited into the water trough.

As tools are guided in jigs across the stone, the user removes only a minute fraction of the steel at each sharpening, which makes the process quick and affords a longer tool life.

“You will be certain to grind your plane irons and chisels with a perfectly square edge using the latest design jig, which is included with the T-3,” says Brown.

Also included with the T-3 is a leather honing wheel, square-edge jig for plane irons and chisels (safety stops prevent the tool from slipping off the stone), an angle-measuring tool, and a manual and instructional DVD.

The T-3, which is covered by a seven-year warranty, is sold through most woodworking retailers and catalog suppliers and sells for about $339.

Contact: SharpTools USA, 1110 West State Hwy. CC, Brighton, MO 65617. Tel: 800-586-7635.

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