Titebond glues have two new formulas

Franklin International has added two formulas to its Titebond brand of wood glues called “No Run, No Drip” and “Translucent.” Company spokesman Mark Schroeder says that since the glues were introduced at the 2010 AWFS fair, woodworkers have expressed a robust interest in both products.

Glue lines disappear with the translucent formula, according to Titlebond.

“The ‘No-Run, No-Drip’ is one of the fastest drying and thickest Titebond glues and is ideal for applications that require professional strength bonding, such as crown molding, finish and trim applications, baseboards and window casings,” he says. “This higher viscosity glue allows for a carpenter, woodworker or DIYer to be able to hold those larger pieces in place easily, without it running or dripping as the name suggests.

“It doesn’t lose any of its tack and it sets very quickly. It can be sanded and is unaffected when a finish is applied over top of it.”

The “Translucent” formula is more of a general woodworking or household glue, according to Schroeder.

“The appeal here is that once it has dried, it’s not going to leave a noticeable, distinguishable glue line. It is ideal for any kind of furniture repair work, craft projects or anywhere you want to avoid having that glue line be visible. It also lends itself to a variety of different materials, not just wood, such as particleboard, hardboard or any porous material.”

Both glues are widely available and retail for about $4.25 for an eight-ounce bottle and $6.75 for 16 ounces.

Contact: Franklin International. Tel: 800-347-4583. www.titebond.com

This article originally appeared in the January 2012 issue.

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