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TimeSavers adds two wide belt sanders

TimeSavers has bolstered its line of SpeedSander wide belt sanders with the introduction of 25" and 43" models to join its 37" model, which has been available for about six years. The new machines have the TimeSavers A-frame design, which made its debut in the 37" model.

TimeSavers has expanded its SpeedSander to include 25" and 43" models. The A-frame design keeps the machine's weight low, which provides for solid operation or transports, according to TimeSaver.

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"We designed the A-frame so we could keep the weight down low; the low weight distribution makes the machine solid during operation or transport around the shop," says Warren Wilkins, TimeSavers spokesman. "If you try to put casters on most of the regular machines that are out on the market, they're going to wiggle around, especially when moving. They are going to be top-heavy."

The 25" and 43" machines each have a footprint of less than 4' x 5' and stand 6' high. The SpeedSander wide belt sanders offer a combination drum and platen sanding head configuration.

"A combination drum and platen means that the head will provide for a contact drum to be used and/or a platen bar," Wilkens says. "In any of these machines, whether it is ours or a competitor's, a platen bar is usually used to drive your fine sandpaper and is usually installed below the contact drum. On these particular machines you can use either/or, you don't use them at the same time. Some of our bigger machines are set up so you can use a contact drum in tandem with a platen."

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The oscillation is a little more than 1" every few seconds, so the belt doesn't sand the material in one place and allows the heat to dissipate. That oscillation is governed by an electronic eye so, as the belt hits that eye, it sends a signal to the air pneumatics, which torques the head one way or the other and it sends it back in the other direction. The process is continuous.

The latest models contain a new feature with load meters.

"The load meter was added on recently," notes Wilkens. "In early production models we didn't have load meters. We found that a lot of operators were simply trying to take off too much material too quickly. The machines are meant for dimensioning and finishing. I think a lot of the little guys are going to get more life out of their belts."

The conveyor belt has a variable speed range of 10 to 30 fpm. The 25" machine is available with single-phase power only and comes with a 7.5-hp motor. The 37" machine has several options: single phase with a 7.5-hp motor, three-phase with a 10-hp motor and, upon special request, single phase with a 10-hp motor. The 43" sanders are available with a 10-hp motor in single- and three-phase power.

Startup is simple with the provision of at least 60 psi constant air pressure and 1,000 cfm for dust collection. The 25" model has a 4" dust port; the 37" and 43" models each have a 6" dust port.

The wide belt sanders weigh between 1,400 and 1,700 lbs. and sell for $6,775 (25"), $7,725 (37") and $9,495 (43").

Contact: Timesavers Inc., 11123 89th Ave. N., Maple Grove, MN 55369. Tel: 877-278-5853.

This article originally appeared in the June 2010 issue.

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