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Timesavers adds new feed-through sander model

Timesavers added a 52” four-head model to its extensive 2300 Series of feed-through sanders.

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The company offers about 30 different models in the line of 37”, 43” and 52” sanders, which until now were limited to a maximum of three heads in a single machine frame.

Timesavers national sales manager Dewayne Kangas says that several decades ago customers were satisfied using 80- and 100-grit belts. Demand for finer finishes required finer belts, which the company accommodated by offering machines with triple heads for 80-, 120- and 180-grit belts.

“Now it’s come to the point where those three heads are not allowing for fine enough sanding. People want to offer products with even finer finishes so now we’ve gone to a four-head machine and customers can put up to 220- or even 240-grit on the top end of the final belt that gives almost a glass finish to their cabinet doors or whatever type of furniture parts that they’re doing,” Kangas says.

He adds the new model is ideal for small- to medium-sized shops because of its low price point.

“We’ve offered four- to six-head machines in the past, but they’re designed to run all day and start at around $150,000. The smaller shops with 10 to 50 employees run sanders less so we came up with this model. It’s a little lighter in horsepower but very adequate for what most people have to do.”

The 30-hp sander, model 2341-45-0001, sells for under $95,000 installed.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2016 issue.

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