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TimberKing improves options on sawmill

The TimberKing B-20 sawmill has been a staple in the industry for more than 20 years. Now the company has introduced its B2000 sawmill, which features its standard four-post cutting head, twin-beam welded log deck, a wider cut throat, improved hydraulics and sophisticated computer setworks.

TimberKing has updated its B-20 sawmill with a new model, the B2000, which features a larger cut throat and other improvements.

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"This mill fits the same niche as the B-20 but it gives our customers some of the things they have been asking for as far as a wider cut throat, direct-action hydraulics and the electrical components on it," says Will Johnson, company president. "The big things are that it has a bigger cut throat on it and less electrical components. Those are the big differences between it and the B-20. Over nearly 22 years, the B-20 has cut literally millions of board feet all over the world. During all that time, while the basic structure of the mill didn't change, we were constantly improving it."

The machine is powered by a standard 34-hp gas motor, but an optional 31.8-hp diesel version is available. The sawmill has 29" of cutting clearance from the cutting deck to the blade, 16" above the blade and 32-1/2" between the large guide rollers. The size of the cut throat allows for cutting wider logs and big beams. Everything on the mill is automatic; the user simply needs to push a lever and the blade goes through the log.

The swing command post allows the operator to see all cutting operations while using the computer setworks, log loader, blade feed, blade up-and-down, hydraulic bidirectional massive log turner, hydraulic log stops, hydraulic log clamp and hydraulic toe board.

"The control panel allows you to move around the cutting area well, but at the same time it allows you to stay connected to direct-action hydraulics versus having to have some kind of electrical intermediary, which we think is really important," Johnson says. "The machine is more dependable, more trouble-free and actually gives you a better nuance of control over your operations.

"I think the advantages we offer over our competitors are our 80-year history, our rugged simple design, which means a four-post head, and our direct-action hydraulics. We offer a lot of features. For example, the bidirectional log turner; you can't get that feature on other mills in this price range."

The TimberKing B2000 sawmill is priced at $23,495. Other accessories include electric motors, extensions, a debarker and board dragback.

Contact: TimberKing, 1431 North Topping Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120. Tel: 800-942-4406.

This article originally appeared in the March 2010 issue.

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