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TigerStop calipers help boost accuracy

TigerStop introduced the TigerSPC (Statistical Process Control) calipers to simplify quality control for parts as long as 16’.

The TigerSPC.

The calipers, available in lengths of 8’ and 16’, are accurate within +/- .006” and should be used early and often during sawing, drilling, boring and other operations, according to the company.

“Customers have been requesting a way to check their parts accurately. What we found is you cannot inspect the quality of a product at the end of the manufacturing process. It’s got to be done throughout the process,” TigerStop regional manager Scott Brode says.

“By using this type of product throughout the manufacturing process, you can tighten accuracy and reduce your reject rate because defects are caught sooner rather than later.”

Attachments include snap-in jaws for end-to-end measurements, miter jaws to measure the long side of miter cuts, mullion half-lap jaw attachment to measure the center to center distance between two half-lap joints and swivel block attachment to measure from hole center to hole center.

The swivel block and standard snap-in jaw attachments.

Changing the jaws takes a few seconds and there’s no loss of calibration, according to TigerStop.

TigerSPC is available with an optional TigerStop table system to produce a working length of 4’ to 16’. Optional TigerSPC software logs measurement data for export to statistical process control programs.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue.

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