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TigerStop adds software option to SawGear

TigerStop’s SawGear, an automated length-measuring system for miter saws, was recently updated to include the new Crown+MiterPro software system to simplify angle cutting.

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Introduced to the market about two years ago, SawGear is a portable device that attaches to all brands of miter and radial arm saws and measures for straight and miter cuts to plus or minus 1/128”, says the company. It eliminates the need for pulling a tape measure and marking material manually. Easy to use, the user simply enters the dimensions on a keypad and a stop is automatically positioned.

TigerStop president Spencer Dick says the Crown+MiterPro will increase profitability for shop owners by improving accuracy and reducing time on tedious cuts. The software calculates angles and lengths for the saw operator.

“If you install trim around a room, every cut length and angle you make is different. There is no repetition at all and this is what takes so much time to put crown and base in. Every wall, even though each has a 90-degree corner, some corners will be 90-1/2 degrees, some will be 89 degrees, and if you just cut it at 90, you wind up with great big gaps. This is a feature that we’ve added to SawGear at no extra cost that will help with that problem,” says Dick.

SawGear is available in 8’ and 12’ working lengths and can be positioned on either side of the saw. The 8’ system sells for $2,695, while the 12’ system costs $2,995.

Contact: TigerStop. Tel: 360-254-0661.

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue.

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