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TigerStop adds AutoLoader to cross-cutting saw system

TigerStop announced the addition of the AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station, for the TigerSaw 1000, the company’s fully automated cross-cutting saw system.

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AutoLoader reduces manual material-handling time. It can be customized with two to seven loading stations and accommodate material 4’ to 24’ in length.

“A TigerSaw customer can be anyone from a small cabinet shop to a shop that requires multiple machines or anywhere in between. For maximum efficiency, the saw requires two operators, one to feed and one to tail, which allows the machine to run as efficiently as possible,” product manager Mike Anderson says.

“With AutoLoader, the operator can load up to five pieces of material and, once they press go, it will continue until they’re completely processed. But, without it, they will have to go back and forth, one piece at a time. So, by adding AutoLoader, a shop owner can increase throughput without adding extra labor.”

The AutoLoader delivers finished-part cut quality along with five-piece door optimization and pack-and-bundle processing. It comes with Dynamic Optimization software for achieving maximum material yield and a Crayon Defect Marking System that allows shops to manually defect in-house and use lower-grade, less-expensive material, according to the company.

Pneumatically powered, each loading station on the AutoLoader features sensors that recognize when material is pressed against the back fence, signaling that it’s ready to be processed through the saw and to continue feeding material until more is needed or the cut list is complete.

For safety, a switch and kill line runs the entire length of the infeed station.

The price is about a third of the cost of comparable saw systems with automated infeed stations currently on the market, according to TigerStop.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2017 issue.

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