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Thermwood updates CNC machining center

Thermwood redesigned its FrameBuilder 53 series 3-axis CNC machining center, adding rack-and-pinion drives for the X and Y axes and a new gantry.

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The FrameBuilder is a roller hold-down machine that was specifically developed for machining upholstery frames and other sheet goods that are not easily held by a vacuum while machining. The rollers keep the material tight against the table while being processed. This system is particularly useful for materials like melamine and lower grades of plywood, according to product manager Jason Susnjara.

“We’ve been manufacturing the machine for decades,” Susnjara says. “It’s designed for any type of sheet good that requires rollers instead of vacuum backing because that material is usually a low-grade type plywood that can’t be held with the usual suction of a vacuum CNC machine. Because we’ve made these particular changes, we can now have faster speeds and also with the bigger moving gantry that is stiffer we can add more options for different types of tooling as well.”

The standard FrameBuilder has four rollers positioned in pairs on each side of the spindle. A dual-head option is also available to make simultaneous cuts for two identical parts.

The machine has a stationary table available in 5’x10’, 5’x12’, 5’x15’ and 5’x20’ sizes. Larger tables can be custom-ordered.

Standard configuration includes an 18-hp spindle, solid aluminum table and Thermwood’s QCore Super Control controller. Other options include automatic tool changers and loading and unloading mechanisms.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2015 issue.

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