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Thermwood adds AutoProcessor 43


Thermwood introduces the AutoProcessor 43 machining center, a nested-based CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture, and other sheet products. The flexible system is an all-in-one solution to increase shop efficiency and reduce labor costs, according to the company.

“The Auto Processor 43 is a fully automatic system designed for labeling and positioning sheets, machining and off-loading the machined parts. All of that is simultaneously done while it starts with the next fresh sheet. And while all this is happening, the operator can be unloading the machined parts and they’re ready to be either packed or assembled, depending on what their system is,” says Duane Marrett, vice president of marketing.

At the heart of the system is Thermwood’s Model 43 multi-purpose 3-axis router, available in several configurations. Standard features include a 5’ x 10’ fixed table, moving gantry, 10-position automatic rotary tool change system, 12-hp ISO electro spindle, Siemens Intelligent servo drives, and vacuum table.

Automatic components include a 6,000-pound lift table, labeling system, pop-up pins, tool length sensor, lubrication system, sheet positioning, and more.

“It has our proprietary control system called Control Nesting,” says Marrett. “It’s a very user-friendly program which allows the operator to easily nest all the different parts they’re putting together to utilize material to the fullest and get the best yield they can.”

Optional features include a five-spindle drill bank, unload sorting table, and touchscreen control.

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This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue.

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Thermwood adds AutoProcessor 43

Thermwood presents the new AutoProcessor 43 Machining Center, a complete nested-based CNC routing system for machining cabinet boxes, custom furniture and basically any nested type of sheet product, according to the manufacturer.