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Teknatool updates its ‘smart motor’ lathe

Teknatool USA is introducing an updated Nova Galaxi DVR “Smart Motor” lathe along with 25 new accessories. The lathe can handle a wide range of turning projects, from small delicate finials to large pieces of wood, according to the company.

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“This is the bigger, beefier brother to the Nova DVR XP,” marketing manager Tara Huff says. “What separates these two machines is the updated electronics. The Galaxi also has a longer bed length at 44” between centers. The headstock not only swivels a full 360 degrees, but also slides the full length of the bed. The Galaxi weighs in at 529 pounds for a strong, sturdy and vibration-free machine.”

New features include an electronic brake, capable of stopping the lathe quickly, and a “dial-in” speed control, allowing the operator to precisely increase or decrease between 100 and 5,000 rpm. There’s also a favorite-speed function.

With its Digital Variable Reluctance motor (1-3/4 hp, direct drive) and controller, the Galaxi provides the smoothest turning experience of any lathe on the market and it is tuned to give maximum torque at lower rpms just when needed for larger, heavier work, according to Huff.

“The technology in this headstock delivers constant high torque. This means that the turner won’t feel the machine bog down as the technology can accommodate for chisel digs or power loss. The ‘Intelligent Drive’ analyzes both the spindle location and the power required to maintain a given speed. As cutting tool pressure is increased, the direct drive adds more power,” Huff says.

The new accessories include interchangeable tool rests and mobile bases.

For a limited time, the Galaxi will be offered at an introductory price of $2,250. At full price, it will retail for about $2,500.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue.

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