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Teknatool adds to Nova lathe accessories

Nova, a brand of woodturning and woodworking products made by Teknatool USA, expanded its line of lathe accessories with 23 new offerings, including interchangeable tool rests, mobile bases and chuck bundles.

Nova offers four Chuck Accessory Bundles.

“Our turning category continues to grow, so we want to make sure our customers have the ability to support the Nova brand and keep everything in their shop Nova,” Teknatool USA vice president of sales and marketing Craig Walls says.

New accessories include the Modular Toolrest System, a collection of bars and posts to create a custom tool rest. It features 4”, 6” and 12” rests, made from cast iron and stainless steel, and three threaded posts (5/8” x 3-1/4”; 1” x 5” and 1” x 8”).

“The thinking behind the Modular Toolrest System is that a lot of people start with a benchtop lathe and when they progress with their skills, they move on to a bigger lathe. But most of the time they end up keeping the benchtop lathe. So instead of having to buy two or three tool rests for each, this system can work with both lathes in a number of post combinations and is much more economical,” Wells explains.

Four new Chuck Accessory Bundles offer compatible accessories grouped in one simple package to cover the needs of every turner from the novice to the professional.

“What we’re trying to do is make it easier, especially if you’re getting into woodturning. All of these bundles are made up of our existing chucks and jaws that have been around forever, so they’re not new, but we’ve packaged them to make it easier for the end user,” Wells says.

Nova now has a “small” mobile base for lathes up to 400 lbs. and a “large” version for up to 800 lbs.

Other products include Cole Jaw accessories, 14” and 20” dust collection bags and a worklight with a magnetic base.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue.

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