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Techno debuts its new CNC router series

Techno Inc. has brought more weight to the table with its new Pro Series CNC router offerings. Designed primarily for panel processing and millwork shops, the Pro Series routers are available in custom sizes as well as the standard 4x8, 5x10 and 5x12 machines. The company is capable of building custom machines up to 7x20.

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“This is a vast improvement from our previous products and it’s a much heavier construction,” says Roy Valentine, Techno Inc. spokesman. “We’re using a heavier carriage system in it. We’ve also done quite a bit of engineering to the machine to put the materials to where they really count by using Solidworks [3D CAD software] to analyze the loads of the machine. We’re taking whatever savings we can get from these materials and these calculations, and passing them along to our customers.”

Considering current economic conditions, Valentine says the Pro Series CNC routers have a heavy, rigid platform at a cost unlike those of competitors or anything his company has offered in the past.

“The drive system consists of ball screws on all three axes. Those are precision ball screws from THK. We use closed-loop servomotors; that’s a standard on it. It’s a PC-based machine, so it gives you the flexibility. It is very easy to operate. We’ve designed it so our end-users can be up and running in a day.”

The Pro Series machines are constructed with a steel base, THK rails, aluminum table and steel undercarriage frame. The gantry’s aluminum beams offer the combination of  light weight and stability, according to the company.

“You can get it with 3" or 7" gantry — the 7" gantry is more for the custom millwork shops; guys that are doing taller parts,” Valentine says. “The 3" gantry is primarily for panel processing, cabinet shops, point of purchase, nested-based type manufacturing and radius-type work.”

The Pro Series machines can also be equipped with a variety of spindle options, including an automatic tool changer, collet spindles, drill banks, or multi-spindle setup for high-volume part production. A multiple zone vacuum table, reverse engineering lasers, and fourth-axis rotary tables are also compatible with this new machine, according to Valentine.

The pricing for the base Pro Series 4x8 machine starts at $30,000. The typical system with spindle, 10-hp spool changer, automatic tool calibration, five-zone vacuum table, pump, standard G-Code interface, and other features is currently selling for $47,500.

“This performance-to-price ratio is unbelievable,” notes Valentine. “[Customers] are getting a tank at a very low cost. We analyzed the market and there really isn’t a [comparable] machine in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.”

Contact: Techno Inc., 2101 Jericho Tpk., New Hyde Park, NY 11040. Tel: 516-328-3970.

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue.

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