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SuperMax Tools touts largest drum sander

SuperMax Tools introduced the model 25-50 drum sander at the AWFS fair, which the company says is the largest open-end drum sander on the market. The sander will sand up to 25” in a single pass and 50” in a double pass.

The 25-50 open-end drum sander from SuperMax Tools.

Product manager Warren Weber says the company aimed to keep the new machine as affordable as possible, basing its design off of its award-winning 19-38 drum sander.

“A sander like this can be used for face frames, drawers, drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and more to make them smooth and uniform,” says Weber. “Turners can use it making glue-ups, scrollers will use it after cutting out a pattern to get rid of tear-out from the blade and musical instrument makers can use it on guitar back and front work.”

The drum sander accepts material up to 4” thick and as thin as 1/32”. It has two motors — a main 1-3/4-hp motor that operates on 110 volts and a second DC motor that offers more than 40 inch pounds of torque, according to the company.

The drum sander also features Intellisand Technology to regulate the speed of the motor, a simple alignment lever, height adjustments and easy-to-access abrasives, according to the company.

The drum sander retails for $1,999 and includes a closed mounting stand. Optional accessories include infeed/outfeed tables and a digital read-out. Boxes of precut abrasives strips sell for $24.

Contact: SuperMax Tools. Tel: 651-454-3401.

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue.

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