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Super Silent saw blades make the cut

The new Super Silent saw blades from Nap Gladu feature patented innovations that extend blade life, reduce the buildup of sawdust and chips and are really quiet, according to the company.

“Super Silent blades produce great results in all types of wood and wood-based materials, as well as certain abrasive materials, such as laminates, says product manager Brett Reid. “The blades last up to six times longer than other blades. Their durability and versatility eliminate the need for time-consuming tool changes and re-sharpening costs.”

The 12” blades were developed for sliding table saws, including models from Martin, Altendorf and Felder. They feature polycrystalline diamond tips and produce a small, 2mm kerf, according to the company.

They also feature the company’s new MicroGeo saw geometry for uninterrupted sawing in both rip and crosscut applications. This unique blade design safely and effectively directs debris away from the cutting path, the company says.

Nap Gladu also says blade noise has been reduced by 20 decibels.

One blade sells for $995.

Contact: Nap Gladu. Tel: 800-634-8665.

This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue.

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